Branding and Rebranding

Pivot Your Brand in a New Direction

No brand lasts forever. Global brands will not survive without making the right decisions in their strategy and branding in highly dynamic times. Therefore, those timely decisions are essential in creating and maintaining a unique brand position.

It is important to note that your brand was created at a specific point in time; however, the market is always changing, and even well-established and strong brands know that they must change in order to maintain their superiority. Generally, every year, brands do a major renovation in order to keep themselves modern, attractive, and relevant to the market.

At Daal, we offer companies, organizations, and individuals a comprehensive set of solutions. Note that our work process at Daal is not identical to any other agency. The Daal team devised and developed the creation and development of brands.

Professional brands need great design given the fact that they demand great credibility in their market.

No other branding agency strives to keep up with your industry and evaluate the factors that drive your success like Daal. At Daal, we conduct continuous research to develop a deep and up-to-date understanding of the industries we work with.

When you work with Daal, you will have the benefits  of:

In-depth Experience Related with Your Industry

At Daal, we avoid myopic approach, for us, brands are a living personality with a human spirit in their environment. Step by step, with a professional yet practical approach, we are able to accurately assess the current and future personality of your brand.

A Research-Oriented Approach Full of Knowledge

At Daal Projects go through a complex and thorough process; as a result, the final output is professional, innovative and distinctive. This branding experience will distinguish and strengthen your brand position among your competitors.

Professional Design Team

At Daal, our innovative and research-based dedicated design team in close cooperation with strategists will design your brand identity not only beautifully and professionally, but with a in-depth look into future.

When Should We Change our Brand? (Rebranding)

• You need to be at another level or compete in a new market.

• You need to change your message to the audience, in other words, make it simple and focused.

• Your brand is obsolete in other words it does not represent your identity.

• You are launching a new service.

• Your company has been separated from or merged with another company.

• You have a legal obligation to change your brand.

• You need to stand out in the crowd.

Daal Branding

Daal, Trusted by Leaders in Every Industry

Daal Branding Services

• Brand research
• Brand architecture
• Differentiation and positioning strategy
• Logo design
• Brand slogans
• Messaging architecture
• Design of digital documents
• Tone and voice instructions
• Environmental design

• Developing a business model
• Brand creation and development consulting
• Advice on choosing brand slogans
• Choosing and designing a brand name that fits the brand identity
• Design and implementation of the brand’s visual identity booklet
• Market research and providing solutions to create superiority over competitors
• Introducing the capabilities and advantages of the organization to the target market
• Social Media strategy/plan
• Preparing statistical reports of the branding process

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